Nourish - Integrate - Transform

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Adriana Ayad is a registered consultant pharmacist and practicing naturopath, continually seeking to expand her knowledge. Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Adriana's family moved to the northern suburbs of Perth when she was only 6 years old. As a child she spent afternoons mixing concoctions of herbs, leaves and flowers from the garden in the hope a useful product would ensue - a glimpse of the profession she would follow in her adult life.

After completing a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Curtin University in 2004, Adriana's passion for helping people optimise their medication use lead her to pursue further qualifications. She undertook further study in comprehensive medication reviews, becoming an Accredited Pharmacist with the nationally recognised body, Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacists. As the years passed her career in pharmacy lead her to realise the large role that preventative and complementary medicine played in helping her patients achieve optimal health.

Upon abundant research and endless reading Adriana undertook studies at the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine to achieve a qualification that would back the real life evidence she had witnessed. She attained an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine, receiving recognition for her passion with the prestigious award 'Outstanding Graduate in the Field of Nutrition'.

With a passion for great food that helps NOURISH the body and mind, Adriana creates dishes abundant with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, that pack a punch of flavour. She sees that traditional naturopathic philosophies can INTEGRATE seamlessly with current western medicine practices to achieve optimal health and wellness. In applying these principles she her been able to TRANSFORM the health and life of those around her.

Having recently become a mother Adriana has developed a keen interest in health and nutrition throughout Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Early Childhood. She continues to broaden her knowledge in this area through additional study and is passionate about spreading what she has learnt to other new and prospective parents.

Adriana is a member of the following professional associations:

- Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority
- Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
- Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy
- Australian Natural Therapists Association

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