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Raw desserts – a word of advice, and Salted Chocolate Fudge Slice


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Anyone who knows me knows that I have a crazy sweet tooth. I love all things dessert style, and am known to claim I have a second stomach specifically for this purpose. The problem is that generally speaking your mainstream ‘desserts’ go against my ‘Just Eat Real (Whole) Food’ philosophy. So this is why my love affair for raw desserts came about. Rich, nutrient dense, and amazingly delicious.

Having said this however, I do want to stress one very important point – and please keep this in mind Continue reading


Flax Bread

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“Why did I not discover you sooner, oh deliciously dense and moist flax bread? You are amzing, in all your grain free, gluten free and dairy free nutriousness. There will forever be a home for you as a pantry staple in our house.”

Yes, I did have a conversation along similar lines with the first loaf of flax bread I ever made. It all started with my husband, Continue reading


Appetising Apple Tart

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I was invited to a pot luck lunch at a friends place on the weekend, and I love a get together that revolves around food! My biggest problem when asked to events like these is what on earth to make – So many choices!

Sadly not everyone shares my passion for raw desserts, and my last suggestion that I would bring a raw lemon tart was met with less enthusiasm than I’d hoped. (It seems the term ‘raw dessert’ is automatically associated with something that mustn’t be very tasty, when in fact so many raw desserts are incredibly delicious, so much so that even my husband, the constructively critical foodie, prefers them over a regular dessert!) Continue reading