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Slow Braised Osso Bucco with Creamed Silver Beet


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So the weather has warmed up. And it appears inappropriate to be writing about wintery meals like Osso Bucco when I’m sitting on a balcony overlooking a crowded beach in shorts and a singlet. But I posted the photo of that delightful dish so long ago, and since the blog has been back up and running Continue reading


Kale Mango and Pear Salad

I have to be honest – I don’t love kale. I’ve come to eat it because of it’s extraordinary capacity to provide a multitude of vitamins and minerals that is hard to come by in any other single food. I like it now, but like most people, when I started eating it, the flavour and the texture did not scream delicious. So I’ve had to play around with making it more exciting. Continue reading


Buy Local – Eat Seasonal

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We know not many will take the time to read this article – it’s long – but there’s a simple message delivered. Eat seasonal produce bought from local suppliers.
Seasonal produce ensures you are consuming food with the highest density nutrients to fuel the thousands of chemical reactions taking place in your body every day. Buying from local suppliers helps ensure that the produce is in fact seasonal, fresher, and helps keep small farms and businesses viable. So the next time you step out to do your grocery shop, visit the local farmers market or independent grocer, and read the signs stating from where produce has been sourced – it will support not only your local community, but also contribute more bang for its buck to your health.

However, if this simple post hasn’t convinced you, we encourage you to settle in with a hot herbal tea read the full article….