Nourish - Integrate - Transform

Two Apothecaries
North of Perth, Joondalup Naturopathic Clinic

Nourish - Integrate - Transform

your body and mind

your health and your life

naturopathic philosophies
with current western medicine

Historically, the apothecary investigated, formulated, and blended preparations of herbs and natural remedies for the treatment of health ailments. In this role of dispensing prepared formulas and giving general medicine advice it can be seen that it is the equivalent of today's modern day pharmacist.

And this is how Two Apothecaries got its name.

Two Apothecaries was founded by registered pharmacist and naturopath Adriana Ayad on the understanding that health management requires an integrative approach collaborating traditional naturopathic philosophies with current western medical practices.

With a comprehensive understanding of both naturopathic medicine and pharmaceutical interventions we bring you a unique, evidence based, health and wellness consulting service.
The practice of naturopathy will address the underlying cause of disease and focus on preventative measures to bring you optimal health outcomes.
The experience of pharmacy practice will ensure any current medications you are taking are thoroughly reviewed and considered in your treatment plan.
Bringing the two together we work collaboratively with your doctor and other allied health professionals to assist you in managing your health using evidence based medicine.

Whether it be a specific medical condition, or general health and well being, a combination of:

- nutritional foundations
- herbal medicine
- western medicine
- lifestyle changes

are addressed to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

So get ready to Nourish, Integrate, and Transform today.

Nourish - Integrate - Transform

Two Apothecaries
Joondalup Wellness Clinic
Adriana Ayad
BPharm MPS AACP Adv.Dip.Nat & WHM
Iluka WA
Ph: 0403 505 107

Like the Yin and Yang we use the term "Holistic Medicine" to include both traditional western medicine with eastern natural treatments to give you the "Whole" Holistic approach.